Bike Sexy

Undie Bike Ride & Clothing Drive

Tonight is the 3rd Bike Sexy ride here in San Diego!!

San Diego isn’t just a place to use you bike for transportation, it’s always a place to gain awareness and support for many issues that affect our world.

The Bike Sexy ride is all about getting the community together to have some good ole fun, in your underwear!!  Here’s what they have to say about tonights ride:

The Bike Sexy: Undie Ride Ride & Clothing Drive is about having fun, promoting a positive self-body image, and building a stronger bike community in San Diego. Plus we drink beers and do some good.
Bike over to Quartyard SD in some used clothes to step out of & donate to a local homeless support group. Then we’ll have beers from local ChuckAlek Brewing.
This is a fun ride to promote a healthy body image, and gather gently used clothing to donate. If you have warmer fall & winter clothing that is preferred but anything is accepted!
So let us celebrate cycling, celebrate your badass bicycling body, celebrate warm fall nights, and drink cold beers once we’re done.
Feel good, dress up, down, or mostly not at all!
Loose Guidelines for Underwear Rides:
1. You should probably wear underwear.. only underwear or swimwear or something you feel comfortable in.
2. Helmets and lights are strongly encouraged. This is a NIGHT RIDE. Trust us.
3. Be safe and have fun. (Bikes, then beers obviously it will be fun!)
4. Age 21+ Bike Ride
*We might be there early for a little happy hour if you need a motivational Hi-5…just saying.



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