Bicycle Boutique from Tokyo

BROTURES is the first bicycle boutique and bicycle retail shop in long bicycle retail history which is from Japan to the United States.

We offer you bicycles in long term of your life which you could ride in 10 years or more and culture itself with good customer service, high mechanic level, products only which we think it's cool and good quality, well designed products which you could use in long term.

Gives you new lifestyle

Your lifestyle might be going to be more fun, it all depends on what you have in your mind. bicycle itself doesn't affect your lifestyle, but culture on the back of bicycle make your everyday different.

It's ok to transport place to place with regular bikes which are sold in department store. But we would like to offer you values, not bicycle only.

Represent Asia

There is so many cool stuffs and cultures in Asia, not only Japan, but Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, but there is no access to them in the States.

We carry those cool stuffs and cultures from Japan, Asia to get you access to.

You should check out first quality, well designed products in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China to decide what is the best to buy.

"World Leading Fixed Gear Company"

Our motto is "world leading fixed gear company" which means we lead you to the new world.
We keep looking for something new, cool, or something you've never seen in bicycle industry.
This is our reason why we are here.


Business Summary

Main Business
-Marketing Consulting

Address : 675 Gateway Center Dr. San Diego CA 92102 United States


Company BRTURES USA Inc.
Address 675 Gateway Center Dr. San Diego CA 92102
Captal $30,000
C.E.O. Naoya Imashiro
Est. Sep. 2015