Leader Bikes is San Diego based fixed gear brand since 1999.
Leader have had so many influences to the market by innovative design and technology.
They are one of the original fixed gear brand when fixed gear came up to the market around 2005.

They have supported local riders, communities, bicycle messengers, all of riders on the street and track.

They are also one of the pioneers who broke down track bike concept into street culture.


"Be the Leader"

Should be innovative, creative, something new, always follow the people into right direction.

We won't change our essentials even though circumstances are drastically changed...

Who is Leader?

They have been original fixed gear brand since early 2000, contributed fixed gear culture to be bigger and they have been one of the original brand who made aerodynamic aluminium frames for the street popular.

There are so many brands who make those frames similar to leader, but Leader Bike has been obviously one of the original and leader in this market.